Scytl Delivers Online Training to over 11,000 UK Election Staff for the Upcoming EU Referendum

Jun 21, 2016

In preparation for the European Referendum on June 23rd, over 11,000 poll workers will have received online training and be better prepared to manage the referendum process, polling stations and elector queries. Using leading edge technology from Scytl and delivery by Halarose Limited, online training is setting the precedent for elections to come.

Recruiting and training election staff is one of the most significant challenges faced by election offices. During national elections, the UK’s 425 local authorities are required to train up to 73,000, geographically dispersed workers to administer polling stations and enable votes to be cast easily and efficiently. Each poll worker must be trained in order to successfully complete their specific duties on Election Day. Traditionally this training takes the form of trainers travelling to various sites and the production of costly training materials.

Access more details on online training to over 11,000 UK Election Staff here.

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