Scytl eGovernance cited by leading industry analyst and experts

Jun 19, 2014

Scytl´s citizen participation solution enabling engagement via innovative and disruptive technology continues to be recognized by the industry and customers alike. Indistry expert recognition further establishes its leadership and  innovative approach to improved eGovernance with its eDemocracy Portal and eConsultations solutions.

As recently published in InformationWeek article entitled Smart Government: All About Disruption, “In its June 3 report The Age of the Citizen: Smart Governments Embrace and Enable Disruption, [Forrester Research, Inc.] says today’s social media-driven world means agencies at all levels of government must engage with citizens in ways that lead to improved service, data-revealing transparency, and participatory policymaking.” William Welsh continues, “The report outlines applications for conducting online consultations and town-hall meetings such as Scytl…”

Scytl´s innovative technology and driving force continues to raise the bar in helping governments large and small to ensure improved engagement to empower their citizens; citizens that are demanding increased government transparency, improved government efficiency, and overall better government service delivery.

<<For full insight on industry recognition of Scytl eGovernace solution click here.>>

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