Scytl Election Management Expertise, a Corner Stone of the Successful Launch of 10M NID Cards in Bangladesh

Nov 4, 2016

Working together with the Bangladesh Election Commission (BEC), Scytl election management experts provided the roadmap, best practices and support for the launch of the new machine-readable smart National Identity cards (NID) among over 10 million citizens in October 2016.

As part of this strategic initiative, in addition to registering all citizens eligible to vote, the BEC  was given the responsibility to operate a National Identity Registration Wing (NIDW) to provide secure identity cards to citizens and to administer all related activities, including the maintenance of a national citizen identification database, delivery of identity verification services to qualified public and private organizations, provision of datasets to other agencies, and issuance of rules and regulations to provide a legal framework for the system.

The successful, collaboration between Scytl, the BEC and the NIDW ensured a high-performing, service-oriented, self-financing public project on par with similar organizations around the globe.

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