Scytl election modernization platform leveraged in Ecuador elections once again

Feb 25, 2014

After the successful implementation of Scytl´s election modernization technology for Ecuador´s National Elections in February 2013, the National Election Commission (CNE) once again leverages Scytl technology for the February 2014 Municipal Elections.

One of the key objectives for the CNE is to provide both the Ecuadorian public and international observers’ proof of an election process that is trustworthy, secure, transparent and auditable.

With the rollout of Ecuador´s election modernization vision, the country and its electoral management process lead the way in the region and is a reference for other countries looking to leverage technology to support innovative, secure and transparent election processes.

The election modernization solution implemented by the CNE includes 15 modules of the Scytl e-Election Platform supporting electoral aspects such as candidate, poll worker and observer management, voter registration, election logistics, election promotion and spending, amongst others.

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