Scytl Election Technology ensures successful 2018 U.S. Primary season

Jun 27, 2018

The 2018 U.S. Primary season started in March and several of Scytl’s products have been used to support the Primary Elections including Election Night Reporting, Online Voter Education and Online Election Worker Training. Scytl has partnered with 4 state-level elections offices and with county-level elections offices in 11 states. The primary elections will continue through the summer and fall, culminating with the General Election on November 6. To date in this primary season:

  • Election Night Reporting has been used state-wide by Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, and West Virginia, as well as by 53 individual counties helping inform more than 20 million registered voters. “The site is able to provide the election results in a much more aesthetically pleasing fashion with mapping and graphing…It’s a great way to marry data with a graphical representation.” Joseph Sobecki, Executive Director Election Commission, DuPage County, IL.
  • Voter Education has been used by 15 counties helping almost 5 million registered voters find essential voting information. “Gregg County’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for the average person to find relevant information on the election website. The website is easy to update, making it simple to provide up-to-date elections information online, and Scytl’s team has been wonderful to work with through every step of the process.” Kathryn Nealy, Elections Administrator, Gregg County, TX.
  • Online Election Worker Training has been used by 14 counties and the City of Chicago, helping train more than 7,000 temporary election workers. “The Scytl Online Election Training program helped us efficiently recruit and train 4,000 tech-savvy election workers. In addition, the poll workers can review the training material closer to Election Day.” Audra Lewicki, Manager Community services Division, Chicago Board of Election Commissioners.

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