Scytl Election Training successfully used by +1 million US election poll workers

Mar 25, 2014

The solid and growing base of online poll worker training clients accelerates with recommendations outlined in the report from the US Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA).

According to the PCEA, “Finding adequate resources and time to properly train poll workers continues to be a challenge for election administrators. The high rates of turnover in poll workers make it difficult to preserve institutional knowledge.” The average poll worker only receives 2.5 hours of training and in addition, few jurisdictions monitor training progress and even fewer test poll workers to ensure they can perform the responsibilities required on Election Day. Yet, poll workers are instrumental in determining the voters’ experience at the polling place.

Over a million users of Scytl Election Training are using this powerful tool which enables them to effectively address all of the recommendations in the Presidential report. Electoral bodies are able to customize training to ensure that poll workers are provided consistent instruction across all their responsibilities: from helping voters sign into the polling place, providing ballots and assisting with voting machines. This online platform allows poll workers to access training anytime, anywhere from any type of computer device including tablets and mobile phones.

Read full online poll worker trends release.

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