Scytl Facilitates Voting in the First Online Elections for Rector of the University of Granada (UGR)

May 16, 2023
  • The University of Granada recently held their first fully digital elections for rector. The last time the rector of the academic institution was elected, a hybrid model was chosen, with both physical and online voting.
  • The UGR has been using the technology firm’s electronic voting platform since 2016 to carry out its electoral processes online.

Granada, May 16, 2023 – Scytl, leader in online voting and electoral modernization, has facilitated the online voting in the first fully online elections for rector in the history of the University of Granada. This milestone is possible thanks to Scytl’s permanent voting platform that the academic institution acquired in 2016 to carry out its electoral processes digitally. In the last rector elections, a hybrid model was chosen, with both physical and digital voting.

The university community, made up of more than 57,000 students, researchers, teachers, and administrative and services staff, exercised their right to vote throughout Tuesday, May 16, from 9:00am to 7:00pm. If any of the three candidates has obtained a sufficient majority, the name of the new rector will be known on May 18. Otherwise, a second round will be necessary, scheduled for May 30, and the definitive proclamation will be moved to June 1.


Leading provider of Internet voting for Spanish universities

Scytl’s activity is widely recognized in Spanish universities, where it is the main provider of electronic voting. In addition to streamlining the electoral processes of academic institutions and involving the university community in decision-making, its significant volume of customers within the university environment is the result of a solution equipped with the highest security, verifiability, and privacy measures, allowing universities to configure the elections and customize each event according to their needs.

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About Scytl Election Technologies

Scytl is leading the digital transformation in elections worldwide. Its cutting-edge technology, implemented with precision and under high security standards, has allowed more than 30 countries to rely on the firm’s knowledge and expertise, protected by more than 50 international patents. Scytl is part of the Paragon Group.

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