Scytl global leadership and client references behind the scenes at the ICPS International Electoral Affairs Symposium

May 26, 2015

In time with the upcoming ICPS conference hosted by the Electoral Commission of Jamaica in Montego Bay May 27-29, Scytl will share insight from electoral organizations from across all continents with key focus on enabling secure and verifiable online voting, ensuring timely and accessible results consolidation and publication and leading ePollbook solutions that are transforming the elections industry:

As accessible elections for overseas and persons with disabilities become a high priority for electoral bodies, Scytl will share its online voting references and end-to-end secure and verifiable solution. With the largest deployments from countries such as Australia, France, Switzerland, Norway and Mexico, Scytl will share the best practices and insights from the world´s largest deployment footprint:

  • Largest government binding election: NSW Electoral Commission  (Australia), +280,000 online votes
  • Largest public binding election: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (France), +240,000 online votes,
  • Largest public union election: Ministry of Education (France), +3 million online votes
  • Country with longest history in leverage of online voting for binding elections and consultations: Switzerland

Insight to providing timely results consolidation and election night reporting for largest multinational electoral event of its kind, the 2014 European Parliamentary Elections:

  • Over 4.7 million visits on May 26th alone
  • Results from over 150 million Europeans eligible to vote across the 28 member states in 24 languages
  • 751 electoral seats managed and more than 275 global media outlets leveraging the data and election results widget

Ground-breaking ePollbook solutions that provide electoral bodies with centralized management of election activities and unprecedented election efficiencies:

  • Hardware independent and can run on a variety of devices and operating systems during the same election
  • Provide elections officials with tremendous flexibility, protecting current and future hardware investments
  • Facilitate the use of assisted technology that allows jurisdictions to engage and employ members of the disability community

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