Scytl Insight on Leading Edge Advances in Secure Electronic Voting at the Financial Cryptography & Data Security 2016

Mar 8, 2016

As the uptake on electronic voting continues to grow, so does the interest in the implementation of fully secure and verifiable systems. During the recent Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2016 Conference and the collocated 1st Workshop on Advances in Secure Electronic Voting Systems held in Barbados, the following two research papers addressing fully end to end security and verifiability were presented by Dr. Sandra Guasch, from Scytl’s R&D team:

  • “How to Challenge and Cast Your e-Vote”: an innovative way for offering verifiability of the voting process to the voters.
  • “Universal Cast-as-Intended Verifiability”: a breakthrough in the concept of verifiability in electronic voting systems, focusing on improving voter’s usability while allowing a systematization of the verification of the cast votes.

In addition to presenting the latest advances in secure and verifiable online voting, Scytl´s Sandra Guasch also participated in the panel “On the possibility of ever deploying internet-based voting”, with a series of distinguished online voting experts such as Ian Brightwell from NSW Electoral Commission and Steve Schneider from the University of Surrey.

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