Scytl Invited to the European Parliament DG ITEC Innovation Week

Nov 14, 2022

Throughout this week, our team is participating at the European Parliament’s Directorate General for Innovation and Technological Support (DG ITEC) Innovation Week. DG ITEC’s Innovation Week is an initiative designed to encourage innovation at the European Parliament by highlighting the latest promising technological solutions to the EP Members and its staff.

Our election experts will speak on how innovative online voting technology reinforces three of the core values of the EU: democracy, privacy and sustainability. Scytl has been leading the research and development field in online voting for the last 20 years, being the first company in the world to introduce advanced end-to-end security and verifiability mechanisms. During the talk, our experts will briefly review the state of the art cryptography applied to online voting, and the latest innovation projects that we have participated on in collaboration with EU institutions and universities, such as those related to self-sovereign identification and post-quantum cryptography.

Our team will also have a live and interactive online voting demo available so that attendees can see an online voting solution in action and better understand the technical processes that take place “behind the scenes.”


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