Scytl Online Voting enables Iceland residents referendums

Dec 18, 2013

As part of Iceland’s strategic initiative to create a more agile and participatory electoral process, Þjóðskrá Íslands (Registers Iceland) – the office under the Ministry of the Interior which e.g. maintains the national register – has begun an online citizen referendum program aimed at streamlining the path to online voting in the country. The initial projects kicking off in 2013 will encompass citizens of selected municipalities, for residents’ referendums taking place in 2014.

“Iceland will become the first country and reference for implementing online only referendum channels,” says Mrs Margrét Hauksdóttir, Director General of Registers Iceland . “Moving to a secure, accessible and transparent technology platform will make Iceland a reference for modern electoral processes that encompass and embrace day to day use of online channels by our citizens.”

The solution being implemented by Iceland will encompass two initial online referendums providing the highest security levels available today and ensure voter privacy, strong voter authentication, the integrity of the referendum results and voter verifiability and auditability. All while providing user-friendly and accessible voting for its citizens.

Full press release for Iceland residents referendums.

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