Scytl provides a permanent online training platform to the Ukrainian Electoral Commission

Oct 29, 2012

The Organization for  Security and Co-operation in Europe Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine (OSCE PCU) has recently awarded a contract to Scytl to provide an Election Commissioner Recruitment and Training System (ECRTS) to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of  Ukraine. This online platform, based on Scytl’s Clarity Training, is composed of a software package that will combine all relevant information on training for election commissioners and make it usable at different levels, from CEC members to polling station workers. The platform, to be launched from April 2013 onwards, will build on existing experience and will enable the sharing of knowledge and educational resources created by all of the existing training programs so far carried out  in the country. This project, implemented by the OSCE PCU and funded by the Canadian International Development Agency and Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is part of a larger OSCE PCU one titled “Developing Election Training Capacity and Enhancing Voter Awareness”.

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