Scytl provides e-voting solution in national elections in the United Arab Emirates

Oct 10, 2011

Scytl, in partnership with Logica CMG, has provided its e-voting solution Pnyx in the national elections of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) held on September 24, 2011.  This voting system was deployed in 13 large voting centres around the 7 Emirates that compose the country, each one equipped with its own local hardware and software and all interconnected over the Internet. In total more than 700 voting terminals, 350 e-pollbooks and 65 servers were prepared, configured, tested and deployed. E-voting was the only voting method used in this election and it was fully integrated with the country’s national e-ID card, becoming the second country in the world to widely use electronic IDs in an election. The e-voting mechanism allowed a smooth voting process and a fast tallying with high satisfaction among voters and electoral authorities.

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