Scytl Provides Online Voting Security Insight to The Open University of Catalonia

Dec 14, 2015

During the “Why electronic voting has a low penetration?” round table event organized by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) this week at the Mobile World Centre in Barcelona,  Jordi Puiggali, Scytl’s CTO and SVP of Research and Security, presented how secure, verifiable and   accessible technology is playing a critical role in opening gateways to full participation in electoral processes. Other participants included researchers from the socio politic area (Ismael Peña-Lopez and Josep M. Reniu) as well as a representative of the Association of Catalan Local Governments and Counties (Miquel Buch).

The debate covered key election modernization topics such as:

  • How online voting can help solve persons with disabilities and overseas voting problems.
  • The concerns that are stopping the adoption of electronic voting, covering matters such as political motivation or security concerns.
  • Technology readiness for binding elections, with special focus on the security and verifiability of the voting systems.
  • The costs of implementing electronic voting in consultation processes, based on local authorities current experiences.

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