Scytl set to deliver election results to over 27 million voters across the USA

Oct 31, 2013

During the elections taking place across the USA on November 5,  SOE, a Scytl company, will enable the viewing of election results to over 27 million registered voters, in hundreds of counties, across 11 states, representing nearly 7,000 precincts with Election Night Reporting (ENR).

With the provision of election results in real-time, counties and precincts using Election Night Reporting will see dramatic reduction in the number of telephone requests from voters, candidates, political parties and the media on Tuesday. ENR will allow web visitors to filter results to view the specific details that are important to them and election officials to preload recipient lists and have updates exported and automatically sent to those on the list, and graphically present election results, voter turnout, totals by vote type and results by polling place.

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