Scytl shares online voting security expertise at the Swiss Cyber Storm 2017 Conference

Oct 18, 2017

As online voting has become a global trend, interest in security and cryptography applied to the election industry continues to grow among security experts. As part of the recent Swiss Cyber Storm conference, Jordi Puiggalí, Chief Security Officer, presented the Scytl/Swiss Post approach to the challenges of voter anonymization and verifiability in online voting scenarios. Switzerland has been actively using online voting for almost 15 years and has recently established stricter regulations in terms of security and verifiability requirements to pursue the large scale deployment of online voting in the country. Currently used in Neuchâtel and Fribourg, the Scytl/Swiss Post eVoting system is, to date, the only solution that has been certified by the Swiss Federal Chancellery to be used by up to 50% of eligible voters, which is currently the maximum % of voters authorized to vote online.

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