Scytl shares online voting security insight with cybersecurity experts at Hack in Paris 2016

Jul 7, 2016

As interest in online voting picks up around the globe, so is obtaining real world knowledge on how and where digital voting projects are not only being successful, but how voter privacy and election security is assured.

As part of the recent “Hack in Paris 2016” over 500 international security experts were privy to detailed insight on the security frameworks and cryptographic protocols available to ensure online voting is done right. In the session “Voting Between Sharks” , security experts from Scytl Jesús Chóliz and Sandra Guasch addressed the main concerns being raised by users and governments and how these can be (and are) being addressed to ensure an equivalent and higher levels of security than in traditional and postal voting and an overall higher level of verifiability than both traditional channels combined.

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