Scytl technology increases transparency in Honduras 2013 general elections

Dec 10, 2013

To deliver the overall 2013 election transparency demanded by both politicians and general citizenship, the Honduras Tribunal Supremo Electoral selected Scytl to deliver an election results consolidation system that ensured results consolidation and dissemination improvements, increased results publishing speeds, and full integrity and reliability of the resulting election reports.

Challenged by a very short delivery time frame of less than 4 months, the election results consolidation system proved a success. Praised by international and independent observers such as OAS and the Carter Center, the system met all the Honduras Tribunal Supremo Electoral objectives of delivering results securely and earlier than in previous elections. Key milestones include:

  • Initial results available just 30 minutes after polls closed.
  • In only 9 hours 75,52% of results were available to project the election winners.
  • Only 15% of voting centers could not send data due to network coverage.
  • 94% of reports scanned and published by the end of the week vs. only 40% in the 2011 elections.

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