Scytl-Vector joint venture (UTE) responds to published information about the processing of electoral data from 26 May 2019 elections

Jun 17, 2019

The joint venture (Unión Temporal de Empresas-UTE) formed by Scytl, a Spanish company and world leader in electoral technology and Vector ITC, a Spanish digital group dedicated to the constant improvement of technological solutions, together with the support of ODEC, a computer services company with extensive experience in electoral processes, managed the great challenge that has led to scrutiny of European, local and island council elections on 26 May 2019.

As a result of news appearing in the media in connection with provisional scrutiny of the elections, the UTE wants to clear up certain published information that is incorrect.

Management of the provisional counting operation has been exact and exemplary. It has taken a significant deployment of people and technical means to collect, process and disseminate  information from 60,076 polling stations throughout the country. To carry out data transmission from voting places to the national counting center, 22,300 mobile devices were distributed with an app that covered 91% of polling stations, while 5,558 communicated their data by means of a conventional telephone call.

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