Scytl’s e-voting solution presented by French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Feb 13, 2012
Mr. Edouard Courtial, Secretary of State for the French living abroad, held a press conference on February 10 to present Scytl’s electronic voting solution. Scytl, in alliance with Atos, has been selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior to provide its Internet voting solution in the French national legislative elections of June 2012. In these elections, a total of 1.2 million French citizens in 11 different districts spread over 5 continents will be entitled to vote over the Internet in order to directly elect 11 members of the Assemblée Nationale (French National Parliament). This will be the third election that the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs carries out with Scytl’s technology, after the 2009 and 2010 election to the Assemblée des Français de l’Etranger (AFE). The press conference was held at the Quai d’Orsay – Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris in the “Salon de l’Horloge” where Jean Monet and Robert Schuman signed the appeal to create the European Coal and Steel Community.

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