Scytl’s Internet voting solution used in French parliamentary elections

Jun 4, 2012

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has successfully used Scytl’s Internet voting solution to allow the French citizens living overseas to vote in the first round of the elections to the French National Parliament (Assemblée Nationale), which took place from May 23 to 29.  For the first time, the French citizens living overseas can directly elect 11 members of the National Parliament by voting either online, by mail or in person at the French embassies and consulates throughout the world.  In this first round of the legislative election, a majority of the French living overseas chose to cast their votes electronically through Scytl’s online voting system.  A total of 127,000 electronic votes were received, representing almost 60% of the total votes cast by the French living overseas in this first round of the election. The second and final round of the election in which Internet voting will also be used will take place from June 6 until 12.

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