Scytl’s Secure Online Voting Benefits Municipalities Across Ontario in 2022

Oct 25, 2022

Over 1 million voters had the opportunity to cast their votes privately and securely during the recent 2022 Ontario Municipal Elections using Scytl’s end-to-end verifiable online voting technology. Scytl is proud to have partnered with many of the largest municipalities who adopted secure online voting this year, including the City of Markham, Vaughan, Greater Sudbury and Sarnia, among many others. As a result, Scytl has consolidated its position as the leading online voting provider in Canada.

Of note in these elections, online voting participation surpassed that of paper voting in the municipality of Vaughan, who had adopted the technology for the first time this year. Over half of all votes across the municipalities were cast online, and in Markham, paper voting was only used residually after the vast majority of voters cast their ballots online.

Scytl’s online voting solution, Invote, offered municipalities a completely end-to-end verifiable election, meaning every step and process could be reviewed to confirm that complete security and integrity were maintained at all times. End-to-end encryption was employed to ensure that ballots remained secure from the moment they were cast until they were tabulated for the final results, and digital signatures ensured that ballots were cast only by eligible voters.

Scytl has a long history of supporting Ontario Municipal Elections, and has helped municipalities modernize their election experiences since 2014. In 2018, Scytl’s online voting solutions were used by over 100 municipalities, helping deliver accurate results in less than 10 minutes, on average. When surveyed about the online voting process in 2018, 96% of respondents remarked being satisfied or very satisfied with the experience, and a majority of voters noted that voting online was convenient (Goodman, Nicole, and Bella Harvey. 2022, Internet Voting Study Report: Key Findings and Recommendations).

About Scytl Election Technologies
Scytl is leading digital transformation and innovation in elections around the world. Its state-of-the-art technology, implemented with precision to guarantee the highest levels of security, transparency and accessibility, has allowed more than 30 countries to trust in the knowledge and expertise of the company, protected by more than 50 international patents. Scytl is a subsidiary of Innovative Solutions Ecosystem SA, listed on the Spanish stock exchange (ISE.MC), part of the Paragon Group. For further information about Scytl, visit

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