Secure and Verifiable Online Voting Successfully Delivered Once Again in New South Wales

May 5, 2017

New South Wales once again successfully delivers secure and verifiable online voting during the recent by-election in Manly, and Northshore. This is the third electoral event where New South Wales has leveraged the iVote® System to allow remote voters and persons with disabilities to vote privately and securely (2015 New South Wales State Elections and the 2016 and 2017 by-elections.)

Interest in online voting across Australia continues to grow. With the guarantee of end-to-end security and verifiability, the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) working with Scytl and the New South Wales Electoral Commission also utilized Scytl technology through the iVote application for the deployment of technology assisted voting for the March 2017 State General Elections. In addition, the new report released by the Victorian Parliament and its inquiry into electronic voting and its potential use for future election in Victoria recommends Parliament to pass law to allow remote internet voting. Sated in the report by the NSW Electoral Commission “…believes that staying at the leading edge of electronic voting (in service delivery and security) would be made easier if multiple Electoral Commissions in Australia were to share and contribute to the iVote platform.”

Scytl´s advanced security framework not only ensures the integrity of an election, but enables voters to verify their vote as an added safeguard against malicious tampering attacks, an important security aspect of the iVote® System. The integrity of Scytl´s systems and customer deployments are guaranteed by ongoing rigorous testing, third party audits and continued election monitoring activities

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