Security Experts Put Ransomware Hacks and Election Process Security in Perspective

Jun 15, 2017

The escalation and proliferation of ransomware hacks continues to create unease across industries. TV3´s “Added Value” researchers interview Jordi Puiggalí, Scytl´s CSO and SVP of Research & Security and set the record straight on the perpetuated the unsubstantiated myths that our level of connectivity is the cause of hacks and that casting a ballot with a pencil and paper is the only way to ensure a privately cast and verified vote.

  • It is not the level of hyper-connectivity that makes us vulnerable as a society, it is the lack of proper security measures implemented and maintained.
  • Manual paper voting processes (onsite or postal), apart from their high potential for human error, are far more susceptible to undetected manipulation than digital voting processes ever could be.

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