Solidarity Starts at Home, Scytl Supports Proactiva Open Arms and Food Bank Initiatives

Dec 22, 2016

Solidarity starts at home. In keeping with Scytl´s beliefs in helping Democracy grow and its commitment to support solidarity initiatives, during this festive season Scytl´s employees have generously contributed time, effort and salary to the company´s two key initiatives:

  • Proactiva Open Arms, matching the amount donated by each employee, Scytl and its team is helping the refugee crisis via the NGO whose mission is to save lives by rescuing refugees from the sea.
  • El Banc dels Aliments, donating and actively gathering food to share with the local Barcelona food bank and helping the organizations´s goal to respond to the needs of the local community through food distribution and support services.

Contributing with time and effort to support this kind of inspirational initiatives and donating money to NGOs, is something that Scytl will be continuing in 2017.

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