The Organization of American States awards a contract to Scytl for an e-voting project in Peru

Dec 13, 2010

The Organization of American States (OAS) has awarded a contract to Scytl to audit the electronic voting software developed by the National Office of Electoral Processes of Peru. The scope of the audit will cover the compliance of the e-voting solution with software development, software testing,  security and data encryption standards.  The audit will also include the evaluation of the risks associated with the use of electronic voting and the recommended control measures to mitigate these risks. Scytl will also propose actions that will allow the Peruvian National Office of Electoral Processes to improve its e-voting software solution. The OAS is a Washington DC-based multilateral organization that gathers countries from the Western Hemisphere to promote Democracy, strengthen human rights, foster economic development, peace, security and cooperation and progress in the achievement of common interests.

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