Toronto offers voters with disabilities Scytl internet & telephone voting

Apr 23, 2014

During the Municipal Election taking place October 2014,  Toronto citizens with disabilities will benefit from Scytl´s secure solutions which will provide improved accessibility enabling them to vote online or by telephone.

Voters with disabilities will have the option to use Scytl´s end-to-end secure internet and phone voting solutions to cast their vote during the advance voting period from October 14th  – 19th. Scytl´s platform ensures voter privacy and ballot secrecy and confirms that the outcome of the election accurately reflects voters intent.

The City of Toronto’s commitment to ensuring equal access to elections was reinforced in 2010 with the development of the Election Accessibility Plan and the introduction of the Voter Assist Terminals (VAT). In June of 2013, City Council requested staff to implement internet voting for persons with disabilities for the 2014 Municipal Election. After seeking input from community stakeholders and a working group of City staff and going through an extensive RFP process, the City selected Scytl to provide these two new voting channels.

Additional details of Scytl´s Online Voting and Phone Voting solutions for the City of Toronto can be found here.

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