University of La Laguna Holds First Online Rectorate Election with Scytl’s Invote Pro Online Voting Solution

Apr 17, 2023

Last week, the University of La Laguna (ULL) held its first-ever online election for University Rector using Scytl’s Invote Pro online voting solution. The advantages of the secure voting platform became immediately apparent, as preliminary results showed great increases in participation compared to previous elections:

  • 71% of permanent PhD professors had cast their online ballot, compared to just 49% in 2019, and twice as many non-permanent faculty members voted in this election than in the last.
  • Nearly 4,500 students participated, four times more than in 2019 and even double the number of students registered to vote in the last election.
  • Two-thirds of staff members also voted online this year, compared to the less-than-half who participated in 2019.

These benefits did not come as a surprise to ULL, who held their first online Student Senate Elections in November of last year with Invote Pro and saw a 400% increase in overall participation.

University of La Laguna Testimonial


Security & Simplicity

With Invote Pro, every vote cast in the election was protected with digital signatures and end-to-end encryption. These ensure that only eligible voters can cast ballots, and that the security and privacy of each ballot is maintained at all times, offering the University of La Laguna and its community complete confidence in the voting process.

By leveraging an online voting system, voters could cast their ballot from any location and on any device, increasing the convenience of the voting process and helping to boost participation. After the election, the votes were anonymously decrypted and then quickly tabulated and counted, offering preliminary results in just minutes.

To learn more about the benefits online voting technology can bring to university and higher education elections, visit our website and blog.

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