Enhancing accessibility and community building with Scytl Online Voting

Juin 10, 2014

In scenarios where community engagement and election participation is waning, international experts attending AMTCO were privy to Dr. Nicole Goodman´s research and insights on the effects of Internet voting as a tool to improve participation, community resilience and sustainability. Evidence from across the globe illustrates how:

  • Online voting positively impacts accessibility which in turn can improve voter turnout by engaging those previously not participating in the electoral process.
  • Strategies crucial in the successful deployment of Internet voting models can enhance citizen engagement and outreach.
  • Online voting can help build civic participation and promote inclusion to foster a resilient and sustainable democratic culture in local communities.
  • In addition to helping enhance electoral accessibility and community building, solutions such as Scytl Online Voting help government organizations increase election process efficiency, transparency and security.

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