Significant Increase in Online Voting Engagement both in Country and Abroad During the Swiss 2015 Federal Elections

Barcelona/Madrid, October 26, 2015 – The new online voting platform leveraged by the Swiss Canton of Neuchâtel meets the strict federal requirements that allows up to 30% of citizens to vote via the online channel. The increase in the legally permitted percentage of participation is thanks to the implementation of Scytl´s unique end-to-end security and full verifiability technology.

To date, only two Swiss cantons – amongst them Neuchâtel – have met the updated Swiss Federal Chancellery requirements that enable cantons who wish to grow the percentage of citizens that can use the online channel for both binding elections and citizen consultations. The security and verifiability protocols deployed in Neuchâtel make it the most advanced online voting solution deployed in Switzerland, taking the canton quickly towards the compliance that will allow 50% of its citizens to vote online, with the 100% mark possible in a not too distant future.

“With 4 times more voters leveraging the online channel in the recent 2015 Federal Elections vs those in 2011, it is clear that the online channel is becoming widely accepted and trusted by Swiss citizens,” comments Pere Vallés, CEO at Scytl. “We hope that in addition to Neuchâtel, other cantons will move towards implementing full end-to-end security and full verifiability that will allow a larger percentage of their citizens to benefit from online voting.”

The Canton of Neuchâtel is the first Swiss canton to benefit from the recently announced partnership between Scytl and Swiss Post. The new eVoting platform in Switzerland is fully operated by Swiss Post, who will provide cantons with a secure infrastructure and services for the processing and transfer of online votes. Thanks to the security and verifiability protocols and technology, the online voting process is in fact more secure and transparent than voting in person at the poll station could ever be.


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