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Secure online voting for governments worldwide

Discover the online voting system that meets the high-security requirements of government elections while still providing electoral efficiency and simplicity.
Secure Online Voting for Governments
Secure Online Voting for Governments
Protect your elections from start to finish with a tailor-made solution that guarantees the preservation of voter privacy and anonymity, as well as election integrity and transparency.


The world’s highest security standards

Secure Online Voting for Governments


Election security
every step of the way

  • Each ballot is protected with end-to-end encryption, meaning it cannot be manipulated in any way during the election.

  • Digital signatures ensure that only eligible voters are able to cast ballots, and cannot cast more ballots than allowed.

  • All encrypted ballots are shuffled and stripped of digital signatures prior to decryption, preserving voter anonymity.


Complete transparency for verifiable elections

  • Voters receive receipts after casting their vote which they can use to verify that their ballot was included in the final tally.

  • Using an official election app and QR code, voters can also verify that their ballot was submitted with the correct choices.

  • Universal verifiability protocols record every process, allowing any third party to audit the election from start to finish.

  • If needed, the source code for your election’s online voting system can be published.

Secure Online Voting for Governments
Secure Online Voting for Governments


Election accessibility
for all voters

  • Voters with disabilities can participate through the online voting platform using their adaptive technology.

  • Voters living overseas or remotely can easily cast ballots wherever they are, from their own personal devices.

  • Safeguards against coercion ensure that everyone can cast a ballot with the choices they truly prefer.


Secure online voting for governments, customized support for every election


Everything you get with plus a few additional features

Complete Individual Verifiability

Voters use receipts and an election app to verify that their ballots have been both recorded with the correct voting choices and included in the final results.

Bespoke Software Development

Each online voting platform is created to meet your election’s needs and customized for your specific electoral model, guaranteeing that you have everything you need.

Government Certification

Our online voting systems can undergo certification processes from necessary government agencies or departments prior to an election.


Secure online voting for governments
around the world: