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Online Voting for Unions
Online Voting for Unions

why online voting

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Online voting for unions makes planning and organizing any type of election simple, with just a few easy steps. During the voting period, members can participate from any location and on any device connected to the internet, helping encourage participation. Our team of election experts will also be right by your side, helping you manage every step of the process for a smooth and successful event.

the process

What it takes to run an election
with online voting for unions

Unions may hold a variety of elections, depending on their size and structure. Most unions will hold regular elections for their board of directors and executive committee, and some may hold separate elections for delegates and representatives of their local branches, as well as for strike votes or constitutional amendments. Luckily, implementing online voting software follows a similar process, regardless of election or vote type.

Is online voting allowed in your country?

Some countries have entities that oversee unions and their elections. These bodies may not currently allow online voting in union elections and may need to be petitioned for amendments to be made. Depending on your country, this may not be necessary.

Is online voting allowed in your union?

If online voting is allowed in your country, you will also need to verify that your union specifically has the necessary bylaws or rules to accommodate online voting technology use in union elections. If they do not, you may need to update your bylaws through a vote or approval by leadership.

Creating an up-to-date voter list

In an online election, your voter list will need to be accurate and complete with voters’ information so that they can receive the necessary materials for voting online. This information often includes an email address and/or telephone number, as well as a personal ID number.

Sending the voting credentials

When the voter list is complete, each voter will receive their credentials for securely logging on to the voting portal via postal mail, email, or SMS. Our experienced team will help you through this part, so you have nothing to worry about.

Generating the online ballots

Before the election, you will also need to create the ballots. Since each regional member may be restricted to voting for delegates in only their region, you might have to create multiple ballots. Thanks to our solutions’ streamlined designs, though, this doesn’t take much time at all.

Voting begins

When the voting period is open, voters can log on to the voting portal using their previously sent credentials. Voting is as easy as choosing your preferred candidate or option, confirming your choice, and casting your ballot.

Calculating results

After the election, each ballot is securely decrypted, preserving the voters’ anonymity, and is automatically counted. Results can then be verified by the election committee and published online.

Verifying the election

Every process of the election can be verified by third-party auditors, if necessary. Voters can also individually verify that their ballot was correctly cast by using a voting receipt sent to them just after voting.


What your union stands to gain

How can our technology meet your electoral needs?
Online Voting for Unions
Streamlined Elections

With elections that may require multiple ballots, unions need a flexible voting solution that reduces complexity. Our technology simplifies every step of the voting process to ensure greater efficiency and ease.

Online Voting for Unions
Increased Member Engagement

Union membership is often spreads across a state or country, making participation at in-person elections a challenge. Allowing voters to participate conveniently from anywhere and on their own device can help boost turnout.

Online Voting for Unions
Multi-Channel Integration

Not all union members may be ready to vote online. Our online voting systems seamlessly integrate with paper voting methods and make consolidating in-person, postal, and online ballots easier than ever.

Online Voting for Unions
Guaranteed Electoral Security

Our online voting software is equipped with the highest security measures to ensure election integrity and voter privacy at every step. Each voting process is also completely verifiable, solidifying voter trust with the heightened transparency.


Online voting for unions
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We know that each election is unique and comes with its own set of needs and challenges. With over 20 years of experience with elections of all kinds, all sizes, and all complexities, our team of qualified election experts is ready to help you organize an efficient, accessible and secure online voting election. We will be with you every step of the way, right from the beginning. So, ready to get started?

Online Voting for Unions