A culture of innovation, powered by passion

At Scytl, we are motivated by a drive to revolutionize democracy through secure, accessible and trustworthy technology. Our values help us achieve these goals, and our internal initiatives ensure we have plenty of fun while doing so!


The principles that
guide our work
and form the foundation
of our solutions

Our Mission:
We deliver innovative, digital voting processes with secure, transparent solutions and services to support trustworthy and accessible elections.

Transparency and Trustworthiness

We aim to be trustworthy election partners and to provide confidence in voting events. We build this confidence through transparency. Our solutions undergo third-party certification and audit processes and are equipped to generate verifiable proofs and evidence that voting events have been conducted securely, accurately, and honestly. As a company, we strive to meet and surpass transparency standards through communicating openly and consistently regarding our actions and their results.


Research and innovation are foundational to our mission. We leverage digital technologies to make voting processes more accessible, efficient, secure, trustworthy, and sustainable. We want to be ahead of the curve, investing in research and designing patented and innovative solutions that anticipate the technical, electoral, and democratic challenges of the future. We encourage creativity and seek out opportunities to learn and grow, always looking for ways to improve.


Security is our top priority, as it ensures the integrity and trustworthiness of any voting process. Since our beginning, we have remained committed to researching advanced security protocols, developing sophisticated cryptographic technologies that meet current and future security challenges and shielding the principles of democratic elections while enhancing the verifiability of the entire voting process. Beyond our solutions, we follow security best practices in all of our operations, ensuring every bit of data that crosses our path is handled with integrity and confidentiality.


Inclusivity drives what we do, and how we do it. Our solutions make the voting process accessible, reliable, and convenient for all. For this reason, our technology has been awarded for its usability and accessibility. With team members from all over the globe and from all walks of life, we also pursue an inclusive work environment. We encourage one another to push past barriers and we celebrate each other’s successes. We stand for inclusivity and equal opportunity in our company, in the voting process, and in technology.


Behind the codes and cryptography of our technology, there are people: those who use our solutions, and our experts who make them possible. We listen carefully to both groups, identifying and meeting their needs. We know that to provide secure, transparent, accessible, and future-ready solutions, we must foster a supportive and inclusive work environment that values vigorous research and encourages innovation.


Building friendships
and leading the revolution


What it feels like
to change the world

Every day at work, we are reminded of the impact we are making. From helping people overcome hurdles that might otherwise prevent them from participating in democracy, to making elections both easy and transparent. Knowing that we are making a difference is a feeling unlike any other, and it continues to drive us forward from one day to the next.