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Discover the all-in-one online voting platform that comes with the features you need to plan, organize, and manage your electoral process from start to finish.
Secure Online Voting
Secure Online Voting
Streamline your voting processes with an accessible online voting system, and protect each ballot with top-of-the-line security measures that ensure election integrity and transparency at all times.


Secure online voting at the best value

Secure Online Voting


Protected ballots &
verifiable elections

  • Each ballot cast online is securely encrypted before being transmitted, protecting it until results tabulation.

  • Voters receive voting receipts which they can use to verify that their ballot was correctly received by the digital ballot box.

  • The accuracy of the final results can be proven and easily audited as necessary.


Secure online voting
made effortless

  • Election preparation is simple, we’ll help you set up the online voting platform, create the ballots, and notify eligible voters.

  • Voters can cast their ballots at any time, from anywhere, and on any device connected to the internet.

  • Final results are tabulated automatically once the election is over, and can easily be published online.

Secure Online Voting
Secure Online Voting


Sustainable practices for greater efficiency at every level

  • Eliminate the need for paper resources and related costs with 100% online voting, or offer hybrid voting with online and paper voting channels.

  • Easily reconfigure the same platform for multiple voting processes in the future.

  • Reallocate saved time that would have otherwise been spent organizing and running the voting process.


Maximize the benefits of online voting, with the support of our experts at every step


All the features necessary
for secure and efficient elections

Enhanced Authentication

Various authentication mechanisms can be used to determine voter eligibility, including secure credentials and integration with delegated identity mechanisms like SAML.

Complex Election Management

Ballots can be configured for any election or question type, including complex hierarchical questions and multiple, simultaneous races.

Universal Verifiability

Results can be easily audited and verified as accurate by any third-party auditor using mathematical proofs.

Advanced Decryption Security

Ensure that no one person can decrypt the ballots on their own, and that all processes have been completed correctly before decryption.


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