94% trust rate in Norway’s online voting channel

Jul 8, 2014

Norwegian online voting receives widespread international acclaim for the use of a verifiable cryptographic voting protocol, which allowed third parties to perform detailed audits of the voting process and vote.

As the adoption of online voting continues to grow across the globe, the trust demonstrated in strategic projects such as the eVote project in Norway – which has received over a 94% voter trust evaluation – proves key.  The online voting technology, security and best practices provided by Scytl has ensured that the Norway eVote pilots are at the forefront of the most secure online voting elections implemented to date.
In an effort to provide alternative and innovative voting channels to help increase accessibility for marginal groups, such as disabled or expatriate voters, the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development in Norway conducted Internet voting pilots in 2011 and 2013 with Scytl Online Voting technology. During these pilots, 168.000 (in 13 municipalities) and 250.000 (in an additional 15 municipalities) voters respectively had the choice of casting their ballot online as an alternative voting channel during the advance voting period during the parliamentary elections.
Though the pilots for internet voting in Norway have been put on hold due to political disagreement, they have proven a success in ensuring the adoption and trust of the new voting channel. The ongoing development of secure, accessible, auditable and transparent online voting systems such as the Norway pilots will play a key role in building confidence in Internet voting in the future.

Read full details on Norway’s online voting  project here.

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