June Blog Round-Up: Upgrading Your Voting Platform and Online Voting Security

Jun 26, 2023

Find out what our elections experts were writing about this month on our blogs:

Corporate Online Voting Blog

On our Corporate Online Voting Blog, Jake Mahr (PhD), Scytl’s Marketing and Communication Specialist, offered advice on how to decide whether a university or college is due an upgrade in their online voting technology. Many universities and colleges already utilize some type of online voting system to conduct elections for various groups, including faculty senates, student governments, alumni associations, and governing boards. With spring elections recently coming to a close for many higher education institutions, now is the time to reflect on and assess your current online voting solution and possible areas for improvement, including: efficiency, simplicity, privacy, and security.

EDGE: Elections in the Digital Era

Meanwhile on EDGE, our Research & Security blog, Cryptography Researcher Núria Costa (PhD) analyzed whether standard security testing procedures were sufficient for online voting systems. When it comes to Online Voting, these standard security tests — and more concretely, security and protocol testing — become essential to ensure that the software does not have any vulnerability which can be exploited to attack any of the requirements of Online Voting Systems. But is there anything else that we can do to give extra security guarantees to the users of these systems? Find out in her article!

Finally, on Friday, June 15, Scytl’s Public Policy Researcher, Adrià Rodríguez-Pérez (PhD), was invited to attend the Council of Europe’s Conference on “E-voting and use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in elections: taking stock and moving forward”. Adrià had the opportunity to share insights in the context of a debate on “Tackling challenges related to implementation of e-voting solutions.”

Scytl’s contribution revolved around the following issues:

  • Secrecy of the Vote in Internet Voting
  • Data Protection and ICT in Elections
  • Transparency and Trust Assumptions

Learn more about each of these topics and more in Adrià’s latest blogpost.

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