February Blog Roundup: Election Misinformation, Remote Voting, and Online Meeting Security

Mar 4, 2021

Throughout the last month, our team of election experts have published a handful of new articles on our company blogs. Over on EDGE: Elections in the Digital Era, our Public Policy Researcher, Adrià Rodríguez-Pérez, has written about misinformation during electoral processes, exploring how voter engagement, electoral information, and election integrity are all affected by disinformation campaigns. We’ve also recently shared a new article by Maximilian Hee, our Public Policy Intern, regarding the possible alternatives to postal voting when it comes to voting remotely or abroad, including proxy voting, phone voting, and online voting.

Meanwhile, Jake Mahr, a Marketing and Communications team member, wrote an article for our D3: Discover, Discuss, Decide blog focusing on security best practices for online, decision-making meetings. Jake explores the importance of multi-factor authentication, encrypting sensitive meeting data, and secure voting practices.

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