Scytl helps New Zealand students pave the way for online voting

Oct 8, 2013

With online voting trials set to begin in 2016 for local body elections, New Zealand has taken a proactive approach to begin younger generation election engagement and participation. Kids Voting gives children and teenagers ages 11 to 15 the opportunity to experience an election first hand, allowing them to vote for real candidates on real issues.

Supporting this initiative, Scytl has successfully deployed the channel for Auckland´s Kids Voting 2013, a first for New Zealand schools. Over 8,000 students were eligible to participate in casting their votes for mayor, councilors and local board members. Close to 45% chose to do so online.

Although Kids Voting results are not binding, the trial is helping pave the way for electronic voting in the future. Final results will be available after the local body elections on October 12.

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