Scytl Best Practices Shared During the IIDEM and International IDEA Workshop on Election Training

Jul 27, 2017

In an effort to help address the emerging challenges in electoral training for democracies, the India International Institute and Election Management and International IDEA  hosted the “Leveraging Electoral Training Facilities for Global Democracies”.  Together with election experts from International IDEA, UNDP and A-Web, Scytl shared insight and how the company´s technology is being used to improve the quality of election training and how to address any potential hurdles in the implementation of remote learning processes to ensure maximum value is delivered to its citizens.

Together with election management bodies from Australia, Nepal, Bulgaria, Nigeria, India and Georgia, Scytl and other electoral organizations such as the UNDP and electoral experts such as the former Chief Election Commissioner of India discussed the rationale for establishing and operating training facilities and the resulting sustainability issues, election training for inclusion and the use of election training and online learning.

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