Scytl improves results consolidation process in national elections in Libya

Jul 15, 2014

The HNEC transparently processes the June 2014 Parliamentary Election results in a significantly shorter time with the updated results consolidation support and expertise provided by Scytl.

As Libya continues to move forward in its transition towards a transparent democracy and help regain disillusionment in the voting community, the HNEC is implementing election processes to reinstate a sense of security and transparency.

As part of this transition towards democratic processes, Scytl has provided its support and expertise to ensure that the systems provided for election results re-enforces that sense of transparency by publishing results efficiently in the shortest time possible. With the backing of Scytl´s support, its flexibility and quick time to action in a relatively unstable political scenario, the HNEC has been able to process results in a shorter timeframe, as the system now supports the tabulation process ensuring no system delays, unlike in previous elections.

Full details on Scytl´s support in results consolidation in Libya here.

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