City of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada Conducts “Jellybean Election 2012” using Scytl’s Internet Voting Solution

Oct 8, 2012

Beginning today, October 8th, the City of Edmonton’s Election & Census Office is inviting the public to test Scytl’s Internet voting system through the casting of online ballots in the 2012 Jellybean Internet Voting Election. The Jellybean Election will help the City determine if the system meets Edmontonians’ expectations for voter privacy, security, auditability and usability as well as to gauge their readiness to use internet voting as a valid alternative to in-person voting. Anyone interested in taking a trial run on Scytl’s internet voting system during this mock election, whether a citizen of Edmonton or not,  is  urged to register between 8am MST on October 8th and 12 noon MST on November 1st. Once a voter’s registration has been accepted, the voter will be issued a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that is required in order to vote in the Jellybean Election. Voting takes place between 8am MST on October 22nd and 12 noon MST on November 2nd. Voters can register to vote and cast ballots for their favourite jellybeans at Voters will be able to choose whether they prefer black, green, red or yellow jellybeans and then make choices in one of several randomly provided entertainment and food categories. For more information about internet voting in Edmonton and the Jellybean Election 2012, including videos and answers to frequently updated questions, please visit where new videos and additional information will be posted regularly. The full Scytl press release can be found HERE.

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