Successful and secure consolidation and publication of the Valencia Parliament election results

Apr 30, 2019

The recent Valencia Parliament elections have been successfully carried out with transparency, efficiency and security. The technology provided by the UTE Scytl-Vector ensured that data from more than 6,000 polling stations could be certifiably transmitted and collected without incident through an election mobile application, and then rapidly processed and distributed.

With the collaboration of ODEC, nine applications were developed for the election, including a website and mobile app that informed on the management of the candidacies, the transmission of data, the progress of participation, and the inspection process. More than 2,300 mobile devices were also deployed to aid in the transmission of votes, which reached a recording speed of more than 500 polling stations per minute during peak voting phases in the election.

To ensure the security and reliability of the inspection process, Scytl-Vector set up two identical data centers, a private and exclusive communication network, a set of nine electoral applications, and a website for disseminating results, along with a team made up of more than 200 professionals who gave their support on election day. This technological and logistical feat was carried out in just 43 days, increasing the efficiency of the Valencia Parliament elections.

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